Christmas Tree Ideas 2019

By R Downey on Thursday, 06 December 2018 10:53:52 Category Interior Design

Christmas Tree Ideas 2019

Christmas Tree Ideas 2019 - This is one of the simplest of do it yourself unusual christmas trees. All that is required is a Styrofoam armature and red and green lollipops. You can also roll up a piece of stiff paper that is green in color into a cone and poke the stems of the lollipops through the tree so that only the candy part is showing. This is done so that the lollipops are facing downwards to look like tree boughs. You can use a brightly colored yellow lollipop stuck with the stem straight down through the top of the cone to be the tree-topper. This is one of the more unusual christmas tree ideas.

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Christmas Tree Ideas 2019,